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The role of the ‘OV’

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The OV or ‘official veterinarian’ is one authorised by the UK government department, the Animal Plant and health Agency (APHA) or DEFRA as it was known.

ONLY the OV can vaccinate pets for rabies, prepare and issue pet passports and endorse the pet passports for rabies vaccinations.

Preparing pets for travel into the EU following the Brexit deal or no deal in 2019, will likely change and the government may introduce new regulations such as the need to issue specific pet export health certificates for each journey abroad. This will require specific planning with your own vet prior to the journey, so leave plenty of time to ensure your pet is best prepared for the journey abroad!

Being the only pet travel company in the UK with an OV on duty, we can provide the most up to date veterinary advice directly to you so don’t hesitate calling us!

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