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The options for first pet class travel home to Australia and New Zealand!

Accessing Australia and New Zealand for pets is not restricted to the Middle Eastern transit routes!

Being on the other side of the world, travel options can be accessed BOTH East and West, via the Middle East, Singapore or Los Angeles. The time differences are minimal and the experiences first class either way around the globe!

In March 2018, QANTAS began flying to Australia via Singapore. This opened up an Easterly route with Qantas via a very safe pet transit route in Singapore, to get to both Melbourne and Auckland!

We also work very closely with Virgin and offer the routes via Los Angeles to get to Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand.

The Qantas route via Singapore is our vets preferred option for all pets travelling on the Qantas route to Australia. This transit stop in Singapore includes a 6 hour rest at the Changi airport pet reception centre, where they get a chance to stretch their legs, have a feed and toilet rest stop, before boarding their next flight direct to Melbourne!

Please talk to us about the various options available, and the pro’s and con’s for each option, in preparing your relocation to Australia!

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We are members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association), which ensures that we have trusted travel partners in every country of the world to ensure Any Animal, Anywhere, Anytime philosophy is maintained with the same high levels of care that we offer.

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