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South Africa blood testing – labs around the world!

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South Africa is a very common destination for our pets that we relocate.

Ensuring your pet meets the import requirements is very important, and there are some blood tests that dogs require in order to meet the importing country requirements. These include testing for Heartworm, Leishmania, Brucella, Babesia and Trypanosoma diseases. The testing for these diseases is carried out at the UK government lab APHA in Weybridge Surrey, however two of the samples are sent to labs in Brussel’s and Australia to complete.

Proper planning is required to ensure your dog friend gets the blood testing done in the right time frame and board that flight to Cape Town or Johannesburg!

If you are planning a journey to South Africa, then please contact us and our vet with plenty of time to ensure we can provide you the best advice and meet your expectations!

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