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Something most people don’t think about when relocating, are what the local animal health situation is regarding preventative veterinary care for their pets.

We are fortunate to have a veterinarian and vet nurse on staff, with post graduate experience in animal disease surveillance, and veterinary experience in the EU, from China and Pakistan, to the Middle East, Southern Africa and of course Australia and New Zealand.

Following the Brexit deal or no deal, the rules for travelling to France and any other EU country and then returning to the UK will change. The Pets Travel Scheme will likely remain with rabies vaccination, but instead of a 21 day wait and no need for rabies blood test, the EU may require pets from the UK to have a rabies blood test after a 30 day wait from the date of vaccination and a three month wait before crossing the channel into France and beyond.

And as many local diseases in your new destination countries do not exist in the UK, it is important to be as best prepared as possible when you arrive to ensure your pets remain healthy, and are fully protected for the local situation. Returning to the UK from March 2019 may be more complicated and so the best preparation is possible. Ticks and tick borne diseases are prevalent in the EU and UK may then decide to introduce new quarantine rules to help reduce the tick diseases that are slowly entering the UK.

Diseases such as Heartworm and Leishmania, Babesia and rabies are potentially life threatening and readily preventable or treatable with the right preparation and advice – so if you are planning relocating to an exotic (warmer!) destination, where these diseases can be prevalent, please call and speak to our vet/nurse on staff about the best preparation for your pets!

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