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The thought of your much loved family pet being transported in an aircraft for the first time can evoke all kinds of different emotions. Transporting pets is quite a foreign concept for most people who have never had the need so naturally most pet owners are a little anxious especially in relation to how their pet will cope. The overwhelmingly good news is that transporting pets by air is extremely safe. It may come as a surprise to people that there are literally thousands of pets travelling throughout Australia and across the globe each year.
Dogs and cats travel extremely well without suffering any adverse side effects. Pets travel in a pressurized , temperature controlled dimly lit section of the cargo hold , where the travel crates are safely strapped into position by trained airline staff. It may be of some comfort to know that the captain of the aircraft sets the temperature of the cargo hold. When animals are travelling the temperature is generally set to approximately 18 degrees Celsius.

A common question we receive , particularly from owners who believe they have an anxious pet is do we recommend sedation. The answer is no. Sedating pets travelling at the flying altitude is not a good mix. Sedated pets can become disorientated , dehydrated and have travel sickness. Clearly no pet owner would like any of these conditions to harm their pet let alone in an environment that they can’t control. If you are concerned that your pet may be an anxious traveler there are a couple of simple recommendations.

  • Have your pet acclimatise to the travel crate prior to travel. Having your pet get used to the travel crate in advance of the trip can assist them in being comfortable when the travel day comes. We recommend creating a positive environment around the pets travel crate. Activities like feeding , having toys and a blanket around the travel crate assists to create a positive experience. On the day it is also recommended that you place an old t-shirt or something that would have a familiar scent into the crate to travel with your pet.
  • Another recommendation for dogs is the Adptil Collar – The Adaptil Collar is easy to use and convenient as it releases the dog appeasing pheromone constantly (even when the dog is outside). The dog’s body temperature and close contact warm the collar and encourages the diffusion of pheromones into the local environment. The special scent (odourless to people and other animals) that Adaptil utilises is a replication of the pheromone that mother dogs naturally emit to their puppies just after birth, to comfort them and reinforce the attachment between the mother and her offspring. Each collar lasts up to 4 weeks so is a useful aid prior and post your dog’s travel. Feliway is a similar product for cats

We understand thinking about transporting your pet especially for the first time you may feel a little apprehensive. However the good news is the process is extremely safe with industry professionals and airlines all abiding by the IATA Live Animal Regulations meaning that you can look forward to a very happy and exciting reunion at the other end – ( photo of Cooper after arriving into Phuket !!) .

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