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Often people believe that pet travel is very different from people travel, well we will all be pleased to know that barring in-flight food and entertainment your pets travel very well by air.  Most people find that pet travel by air and pets flying in general is no ordeal at all for most pets.  Fly Pets with Pets Abroad UK is often the best way to go from A to B.  Pet Transport is often seen by many as fast and efficient way to reduce stress on pets and to get your fur babies from point A to Point B with the least hassle as possible.

We can take care of:

  • -Crate hire
  • -Quarantine reservations
  • -Advice and schedules for pre-import blood tests and vaccinations
  • -Endorsements and vet checks with overseas animal health authorities
  • -Overall management of your pets relocation
  • -Flights
  • -Quarantine “if required”

Our premium pet transport service offers more than the basics.

Pets Abroad UK has offices and partners all over the world, our staff in all locations are pet breeders, show judges, pet trainers, pet behaviorists, vet nurses, vets, and general all round pet lovers.  When you book with Pets Abroad UK you can be sure your talking to caring staff who will look after your fur baby like their own.


Despite what may feel like something completely foreign, you are not alone.We transport hundreds of pets each year from places all around the world into new homes. Get in touch with our team today!

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Members of IPATA

We are members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association), which ensures that we have trusted travel partners in every country of the world to ensure Any Animal, Anywhere, Anytime philosophy is maintained with the same high levels of care that we offer.

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